Maurits Cornelis Escher

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Banksy – the art world sensation

Banksy is a mysterious graffiti master, an activist, a filmmaker, a painter and a global brand, with a record of selling a piece of his street art over one million dollars, yet not many knows… Continue reading

Hermès Leather Parrot

Project by French studio Zim & Zuo, two young talented designers Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman. The project was done for Hilton Mc Connico’s exhibition in Hong Kong, made with leather offcuts from… Continue reading

Some fun from YumYum

Project “HappyFood” by London studio Yum Yum Animator Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer spent three and a half months on this 66 seconds 3D film using Cinema 4D. “Happy Food was created for… Continue reading

How was your day for the last 365 days?

Project by Spain studio Brigada Creativa A face per day, your 365 days are represented by an emoticon that you have to draw as the day has gone (very good, good, regular, bad,… Continue reading


A project from design studio atipo under the concept “reset” I love it.

Awesome already as a student

Love designer Zlatina Gocheva’s drawing, she is currently a student from New Bulgarian University. I love the loving, positive energy from her work, do you agree?

The cute charming baby foods

We were doing grocery shopping when I come across to these cute adorable baby foods, they were so appealing I spent a good few minutes in front of them just to admire the… Continue reading

A smile that save the day

It’s pouring outside, again. I immediately think I am having a bad day. rainy days are for sleep in, apart from lying on the bed, there is nothing you can do. you cannot… Continue reading

My favorite artist in hand craft

These smart, humorous sculptures are from UK designer Kyle Bean Bean’s magic is his sculptures usually commissioned in a communicative design context rather than fine art or product design. He has created his… Continue reading