Banksy – the art world sensation

Banksy is a mysterious graffiti master, an activist, a filmmaker, a painter and a global brand, with a record of selling a piece of his street art over one million dollars, yet not many knows his true identity. His background on Wiki

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He once set up a stall to sell his painting with a street value of half of a million dollars, for $60 each. On that day, the elderly man who was hired to sell the art pieces on the street, finally found his first customer very late in the day at a discount, despite the low price. The vendor only made a total of $420. It was the Banksy way to show how the art world is obsessively focus on investment value, not the value of what we see and feel from the art itself.

I wish I was those few lucky people who got a piece of Banksy for less then $60.

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Why all the hype? Because Banksy knows how to tell visual story. You don’t have to like graffiti to love Banksy. There’s something so human and raw about his work that all of us can relate to, no matter our age, income, race or religion.

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There’s a reason so many people “get” Banksy’s work. It is relevant to the here and now.

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We never know where and when a Banksy piece will pop up, but when it appears, no matter where it is in the world, we hear about it somehow.

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All the artworks were extracted from Banksy’s website: