Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Awesome already as a student

Love designer Zlatina Gocheva’s drawing, she is currently a student from New Bulgarian University. I love the loving, positive energy from her work, do you agree?

The cute charming baby foods

We were doing grocery shopping when I come across to these cute adorable baby foods, they were so appealing I spent a good few minutes in front of them just to admire the… Continue reading

A smile that save the day

It’s pouring outside, again. I immediately think I am having a bad day. rainy days are for sleep in, apart from lying on the bed, there is nothing you can do. you cannot… Continue reading

My favorite artist in hand craft

These smart, humorous sculptures are from UK designer Kyle Bean Bean’s magic is his sculptures usually commissioned in a communicative design context rather than fine art or product design. He has created his… Continue reading

Evolution of the SHELL logo

Over 110 years, the SHELL logo has moved from a weird shape watermelon to one of history’s most famous pecten. It was the year 1948 when Shell introduced its famous red and yellow… Continue reading

The imagine campaign

German agency Jung Von Matt created a campaign for LEGO to stimulate your imagination The campaign featured several famous cartoon characters Got no clue who they are? They are Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons,… Continue reading